Where to buy marble slabs?


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Anyone know? None of the usual DIY places in Cambridge could help me.

For those of you who have got them for your subs, did you get them cut to size? How much does marble cost:confused:

I'm guessing for 2 slabs it's going to cost somewhere in the region of £80.....the big Q is........is £80 worth it for the sound difference?

Has EVERYONE who's tried it here noticed a big difference in bass quality?


Best bet is to look on Yell for your local stone masons. If they're not listed, find the number of a funeral director and ask them who they would suggest.

I have wooden floors and, from experimenting, have found medium thick, rubber backed carpet about 1" smaller than the subs footprint underneath and a heavy slab on top works best. Having any kind of pressure on top of the sub improves the overall sound I've found - even sitting on it (which, in my case, would equal an awfully large marble slab!)

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The price you're thinkig of is about right. That's why I bought some neutral coloured garden slabs at about £2 each for my speakers. The sound difference is quite apparent. It certainly tightened all the bass up. That was the most obvious effect. Generally, the overall soundstage improved greatly.

(I have wooden floors. I don't use spikes. My speakers, Celestion A1, for HiFi, are blue tacked to the stands, Partington Discovery, which sit directly onto the slabs.)

But at £80? It's all relative for how much you want to spend. Marble looks nicer for sure.

How much under the thumb are you? :D That's your real dilema.;)

If you want to spend the cash, you'd be best going the Mana Acoustics route.


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Hi Smurfin.
I also have a Servo,this was plan.
Load the servo up with cheap slabs,to hear the real world difference.If the improvement was worthy of the expense look at having some marble cut/ground to size.
Thats the plan,but I have not done it yet.
Let me know how you get on.


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For those of you who have got them for your subs, did you get them cut to size? How much does marble cost

I got some (granite) slabs custom made for my front speakers, with the edges "broken" (sorry, don't know the correct term in English) and all visible surfaces polished. As well some "coasters" for the spikes underneath my rack.
Price per square meter depends on the material (stone, granite, marble etc.), thickness (2cm or ~1 inch will do I rekon) and the difference in the color, i.e. marble is not equal marble.
Granite may represent a cheaper alternative to marble btw. but still looks better than a paving slab ... ;)


I'd like to register my interest, maybe a bulk buy?
I would also like to second the thoughts of garylloyd, lets not **** in the the wind here.
I am as the people from royston vasey say "local" mk:D

Have you thought about thick glass? bevelled edges,smoked...mmmm, make a good table! please the boss!


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