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Hi guys just had a look over the weekend at all the demos around of hi-def films and stuff and was totally blown away by the picture on my ae700 pj just through a cheap 10m vga lead!, so does anyone know where they can be purchased ,and also will they just play in my normal pc dvd drive, and finally i think i read somewhere you have to get them authorised online to view them? is this correct?. cheers for any help. Mike


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Nowt "official" will be available until the Autumn time (approx street date - at the earliest) when we'll start to see HD-DVD stuff. Your DVD drive will not be able to play that material - a new drive will be required.

You can get WMV-HD stuff right now which will play from your DVD drive but a) you'll need a fast enough processor to play the 1080 stuff (P4- 2.8) and some of the films have online DRM verification. There are workarounds to this server registration - although I haven't yet tried it. There are German WMV-HD releases which I don't know too much about (DRM etc) - others on these boards have bought them so they'll be able to provide a greater insight.

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