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WHere to buy cables??

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Hi Guys, I am about to start a garage conversion next week and am making all the purchases over the coming days. The last things I really NEED are cables. I need to run the following cables from the loft (2 storey house) to the ground floor. I need 2 runs of network cable, to connect my hub with my TV and PC and also 1 run of co-ax cable for the TV signal.

I have already cleared out the cavity in the walls, so really just need to get the cables and away I go.

Now does anyone have any idea on WHERE to buy these cables from and roughly HOW MUCH I should expect to pay?.

Have seen some real cheap network cable on eBay, but am thinking that it might be a case of getting what you pay for. I will be buying and connecting to a gig switch in the loft. ALready run a few things on my network so really just wanting to add to that.

Any tips or suggestions?.




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Are you running them in the external wall cavities or internal wall ones?

Look at Comms Express, TLC Direct, Screwfix and Kenable. I'll let you do the hard work of price checking ;)

For a gigabit network I'd recommend Cat6....yes you can run it over a cat5 but it's just more forgiving with Cat6....

Heads up there is copper cable and copper coated/covered aluminium (CCA). CCA is a much cheaper and poorer quality cable but they are still tested to certain specs so don't write it off straight away. In my house though it's all copper.

Deleted member 173019

Thanks for that Geps, it's all for running through internal wall cavities. The rest of my network is cheap as chips cables and not had to touch it for many years. Which reminds me, I will need to find that damn device I bought for the fitting of the network points.....lol.....

Screwfix is not one I had considered before, been spending enough in there recently. They;ll no doubt sell both types of cables that I am after also.

Many thanks Mate,


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