Where to buy a tub of wipes for cleaning CDs ?


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Where can I buy a tub of wipes designed for cleaning compact discs?

Maplin's shop stores (R.I.P.) used to sell a handy round tub of these, which was available for ages; but of course, as the shop is no more, so is that product.

I have looked online, but everything I have found (in such a dispensing tub) is cited as being an all-purpose wipe. They are all advised for the use of cleaning computer surfaces, keyboards, etc. That's probably isn't surprising, considering the advent of COVID-19, but I don't want something too strong. Anything too stringent might damage the CD's surface. :-(

I have found 2 products that are labelled specifically as CD cleaning wipes, but as they are both sold from the USA they charge the usual high cost of postage from US sellers. Which means they are just not cost-effective.

Anyone know of either a specific (CD) product that is UK released etc., or a general wipe that won't damage a compact disc.


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IIRC CDs are just polycarbonate, nothing exotic that requires special cleaning materials. The data is inside too, so the only damage you can do is to scratch it enough that the laser can't get through.
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I can't see why you couldn't use simple baby wipes. Just how dirty are your discs ? I used to use a huff and a hanky for fingerprint smears ! :D
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I give mine a quick swipe on my pantaloons if my pantaloon leg is clean, or I'll use the chest of my shirt if I have on a cotton t-shirt, which is just about always in the Summer.

If it's something that won't come off with a simple swipe, then it's time to get it under the sink with some dish detergent.

If that's still not good enough, rub some wax on it, let it dry & buff it out.
I use Turtle Wax.

If it's even worse I take it to the local bookstore where they have a machine that buffs them, $1 USD/ disc.
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No need for "special" wipes just a microfibre cloth squeezed out in hot water will do the job perfectly well.
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What’s wrong with tap water and a tiny amount of detergent.
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I guess it comes down to convenience. It's a lot easier to grab a single use wipe than having to get a damp cloth everytime you want to clean a disc. (Even if it's not as environmentally friendly)
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