Where to buy a screen ?



I'm looking to buy a screen (manual). Does anyone knows a good website ?


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Originally posted by EMH
I'm looking to buy a screen (manual). Does anyone knows a good website ?

Try HERE . The chap is very knowlegable and helpfull. :)

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Hi Gordon,

Yes we read it.

However, the screen pricing isn't very clear. Plus, you are in Scotland and I'm on the South Coast, so I can hardly pop round and have a look at what is on offer. If I could, then the personal touch would be more attractive. As it is, I have to make a judgement based on what's on offer, other people's recommendations and price, so I've just ordered a Projecta Pro-Cinema.


Originally posted by Dubbing Mixer
I've just ordered a Projecta Pro-Cinema.

A great screen. Well priced as well with the inc. black drop.

You won't regret it ;)

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You couldn't pop over for a look anyway.......I don't have facilities where you can look at all the screens I offer. Instead I have superior advice whereby I ask you lots of questions to work out the most suitable alternativves then give you a choice of levels of performance that will meet your requirements.

I ship all over UK and I like to think I offer good service and great pricing. I'm not a fan of comparing pricing of units on the net as more often than not you may be wasting time pricing up a device that may not actually be the most suitable for your needs. If more folk feel it's beneficial to have tables of retail pricing on-line then perhaps I'll do it but I'd rather not as I prefer to actually converse with folk to understand what they're trying to achieve.

You've got a screen coming now so let us know how you get on with it and if there are other things you may need in the future please do drop me a line as I'm always around somewhere out here.....



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You could try your local Sevenoaks.

I recently bought a Draper Luma. Very pleased with it and it was easy to mount on the wall.

Sevenoaks price would be £300 inc which is about the same at some of the web prices.

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Gordon knows more about screens than anyone I have met in the UK. This is why HCC had Gordon write their screen article for this site. As a ISF guy he probably sees more screens than anyone else as well. He knows what works and what doesn't. His prices are excellent and HIGHLY competitive. This one is a no brainer IMHO.

There are some really poor screens out there to trick the newbie:(

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Nice reply.

I didn't mean my earlier post to sound as aggressive as I think it reads.

Screen arrived today but, due to other pressures, it will be some time before I get a chance to install it.

I guess my only real outstanding question is, how do I upgrade from a Panasonic AE100, without upping the budget by multiples and without going crt which is ruled out by circumstances. (I have room for a 7 foot screen but no room for even the smallest crt, screens being flat and projectors by their nature not ;-)

I'm tempted by the Epson TW-100 but not at almost three times the price of the Panny. The new Sony HS10 looks interesting but only if the price is right. DLPs are a no-no since I am ultra sensitive to rainbows.

Please keep up the good work.

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