Where to buy a lamp for my Sanyo Z3?


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I live in Cyprus and I need to buy a lamp for my Sanyo PLV-Z3. I don't want to buy from here because they are very expensive (430 Euro!!!)

I found shops in the USA that sell them and deliver to Cyprus. Would it be OK ordering from there, or there is a difference between the USA and the European models, or the difference in voltage can make that lamp incompatible with my projector?

Are there any UK or other European shops that have them at good prices and deliver to other countries?

Also I wanted to know if it is normal that my lamp got burned. While I was watching a movie I hurt some "chuk" sound, the image went off, and the light for replacing the lamp went on. I thought that that light was supposed to come on before to warn me.

In any case I was using the projector for 3 years and its light output had decreased so it was time to change the lamp anyways.


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Thanks. That shop is a bit cheaper but if it is only a matter of price I might still choose BHphotovideo that I have used them before and they are not much more expensive. Would the lamp from the USA be compatible in Europe or there could be a problem due to voltage diffrence?

martin purnell

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Hi PC_112
I read somewhere on this site of a company in the Uk that will recondition your bulb to a very high standard. It was also considerably cheaper than buying a new one.
Sorry, but I haven't got the time right now to search but I am sure that typing in Reconditioned(ing) Bulb etc would do the trick! Hope this helps,
I have a Z3 and am still impressed with it.
Kind regards



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Hello Martin,

Thing is that the bulb was burned. No light is coming out of it. I don't think it can be reconditioned.

I don't mind buying a new one. I just want to be sure that the one I will order from the USA will be compatible.

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