Where to buy a Denon 3800



I've had a black Denon 3800 on order from a well know retailer for 5 weeks now. They haven't botthered to give me a delivery date. when I rang them they gave me a date, which passed, but again they never bothered ringing.

So, I'm considering cancelling and ordering from elsewher.

so... where from. i want it MR and PalP from them. I don't want to hack it myself.


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You'll be lucky, I've had one on order from 7oaks for 7 weeks now, apparently there are some more due into the country next week, as the Oct delivery never happened, hence the difficulty.......


sound and vision 01204 861861 and they will have the software by the end of the week for what u need. with full warranty price match it first for the best deal when u call.


Hi Jason

Well I wish they would lol after all xmas is just around the the corner lol. Im hoping when the time comes for an upgrade all these offences get taken into account lol. In all seriousness I find it hard to buy from anyone else cos i know i wont get it cheaper (gawd knows ive tried) but if i find it cheaper i just tell them and they square it up, plus they have lots od stock and are nice to deal with.
I wish I did work for them though , just think of all the perks , still until the day the owner retires they dont need a purchasing manager or logistics manager (damn).


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Have you tried ' HI-FI Forum' in Nottingham, its on Mansfield Road on the way in. Excellent service and after sales. Price is also spot on + 2 yr guarentee.


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mark - no news on the firmware then?...some other guys on the forum are talking about it being available tomorrow???



Hello there my home pc has been on the blink so this is work and i will have to be brief.

My machine was updated with the offcial software on monday of this week when the disc was received from the "unofficial source"
but needless to say the manufacturer warranty of 2 years in still intact lol.

It has multi region and pal progressive and when i get home i will look at the firmware numbers and post if my pc machine is fixed.

I have had no lockups other than very minor changes since it was loaded and that is a vast improvement and the discs seem to run cooler and by the way it is chroma free and look better than before.

in short worth waiting for Yippeee


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I am contemplating a Progressive scan (Pal) DVD player to compliment my new plasma screen.

Id like the Arcam 27 but its too expensive

This leaves the DV88 plus or the 3800

Undecided which is best...

Any thoghts? Ive read soem of the threads, which seemtobecome silly flame wars!!

Hi Sapper as you know I have the same plasma as you, I tested all the decent DVD players up to £2000 and thought the 3800 was easilly the best , my mates selling his fmj27 to get one.


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I plumped for the 3800 to pair with a 433MXE. Delivery delayed while waiting for the new firmware to upgrade it to genuine PAL progressive (not the "convert to NTSC then PS out" dodge used so far).

Hope to get it early next week.

BTW - anybody else tried the Monster range of cables that Currys are selling? I've tried a couple of scarts and a component cable. Not cheap at 70 quid for a 2M length, but they perform really well. Watched a DVD through the new component cable last night and there was a marked improvement in PQ.

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