Where to buy a 36PW9607?

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OK - finally decided I'm going to go for a Philips 36PW9607 as it offers me a big screen, good picture, and a reasonable sounds solution until I can get the cash for a dedicated surround setup.

So I'm just down to thinking of where to buy it now.

I've found a few on-line deals, with the general price being around £1600 inc. stand and delivery. However I'm a bit wary of buying this sort of item online, as returning it will be a major hassle if there are any problems.

Can anyone recommend a store? The absolute minimum price is not important - I'm happy to pay a bit extra for better service. I'm especially looking for any 'real' shops that I can use in a JL pricematch.

I've put in an order at JL, pending them agreeing a price match of £1650 with Robertsons.

I've found £1584 as the cheapest price so far, but that was an internet only site (PRC Direct).

JL have told me the price match will only be made if Robertsons have the set in stock. So far I've been unable to get through on their phone number to ask them about availability. Did you have any problems with this condition when you got a price match?
No I had no problems at all with the price match... they just phoned me up after a week or so to say that I could go ahead.
Got a letter from JL today.

"I cannot match the price you were offered at Robertsons as it is an internet competitor".

Um, but what about their chain of 20 or so stores?

I shall ring them up and tell them whats what this morning! :devil:
Can anyone give me details of any successful JL price matches with Robertsons?

I just want to know :
- item
- branch of JL
- prices being matched

They don't open till 10am, so I'm sitting trying to work out what best to say to them. I think that pointing to other Robertson price matches that JL have done is probably the way to go.
Philips 32PW9617
Bristol (Cribbs Causeway)
Matched at £1230 (+£40 to set up)

I gave them the address of a store in a shopping mall in Glasgow after getting the address from directory enquiries on bt.com

Goood luck :)

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