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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Grimbarian, Nov 19, 2003.

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    Hello Chaps,
    New member to the site, been browsing through reviews for the last few weeks after my widescreen TV suddenly decided to become 'thinscreen' prompting the purchase of a new telly. Firstly what a crazy maze this has turned out to be! Before the internet you could read a couple of mag reviews much a choice, job done! Well being a bit of an obsessive for making sure I'm not wasting my money, sites like this have blown me away and left me in a right daze! So I'm looking for a 28" TV, and had thought I'd decided on a Philips multi pixel till I read all the shocking reviews on here, then a Tosh 28ZD26, same story. So now totally confused when I cam across generally good reviews of the Sony 28LS60. Decesion made then, however now I can't find it online anywhere! So does anybody know, is this still a current model, if so any ideas where I can get it! If not is the replacement worth looking at, and finally I'm looking to spend max £750, so is there anything else you experts recomend?!
    thanks :confused: !

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