where to buy 10m DVI cable

dr no

I'll try here for help...

I need 10m DVI cable but unsure where to order this from and what make etc..

Any hel,p appreciated:( :(

dr no

Thanks for your help Guys.

I have now ordered 7.5m cable from Lindy.

Joe, I didn;t realise there so many different ends. I assumed it would standard fare!!! Anyway I hope I ordered the correct ones!

Joe Fernand

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Its not just the connectors its the cable in-between that can make a difference too - depending on the signals your sending and the source and destination kit.

We supply BetterCables Display Magic DVI-D cables at up to 9m and I've supplied a fair few to folk who have had problems in Home Theatre set-up with cables intended for the PC market.

Hopefully what you have ordered does the job - if not you know where to look next :)

Best regards


dr no

Thanks Joe.

I'll see how it goes go. Eventually when I reposition my projector I'll look you up.

Thanks again

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