Where to best place rear speakers?

Frank Smith

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My living room is small but pretty square. Next year I'm planning on getting a soundbar with rear speakers. Where is the best place to put them?

Below is a picture of the back of my living room (opposite the TV). To the left of the picture, I could put the speakers there on a stand; the wife wouldn't mind so much it being there. However, it won't be practical having the same setup in the opposite end. Not only will the kids get to it, it will make the living room look cluttered.

I was thing of mounting them on the wall on the inside of the window. I would have to draw the curtains when I don't want the sound to be interrupted but I'm okay with that. Are rear speakers supposed to face towards you ears (so be on a side wall) or behind your head? Or does it make little difference?


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The higher up you place them the more angle downwards they need to be.

In a 5.1 set up place them so they aim just above your head, about 1 to 2 foot above head. They should be to the side or rear corners ideally rather than behind.

Joe Fernand

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See the Dolby Labs layout guide - note the height of the surround channels will alter (they are set lower) if you go with an Atmos system in future so worth planning ahead if that is a consideration.



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