Where the hell do I put my aerial?



Hi everyone,

I have a 26" Sony Bravia KDL - 26S3000 LCD TV.
This is a great TV which I have used with my Virgin HD service and the picture is excellent.
However, I'm considering having one of these in a bedroom with a normal TV aerial coming through the wall instead of a cable connection.
However I cannot for the life of me work out where to put the aerial cable coming out of the wall into the back of the TV.
There is no clear coaxial socket (is that what you call it?) in the back of the TV, unlike my brother's HDTV which has a clear socket where you put a normal TV aerial. There are HDMI slots and all the coloured ones and scart connections, but I can't find any normal aerial socket.
Can anyone tell me where I put the aerial as I don't want to buy another one without knowing I can actually watch TV on it through my normal aerial connection.

Thanks a lot


Welcome to the forums :smashin:

Find another telly for your bedroom then.

It sounds like your telly has no tuner.
That's why you can't find a socket.


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Naw, a visit to the Opticians I think:D


Thanks so much for your help guys.

I will report back tomorrow morning on whether I have found the socket!


I found it!

Thanks to everyone, particularly cokker - your diagram did the trick!

The socket really is in an obscure place though. I guess it's because most people buy HDTVs with the intention of using an HD service (unsurprisingly) through an HDMI cable.

Anyway I mustn't grumble; I've found the socket and it is an excellent TV all round so all in all I'm very happy.

Thanks again to everyone who helped!

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