Where the best place to buy liquid online


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Anyone know best place to buy liquid online


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Depends on how much you want to spend, cheap places like Rejuiced or I also use VapeClub.co.uk they ave a good range at a reasonable price and generally deliver next day.


I've been buying Smith's Sauce from eBay lately. They do 100ml shortfills and it's buy 2 get 2 free. Really tasty flavours with loads to choose from. From 3 orders I haven't had a single flavour I haven't liked. I used to be into "premium" brands but wouldn't go back now.


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I've used Rejuiced few times over the last couple years. Great value for money and decent flavours but some lack the punch of premium flavours such as Vampire Vape or Malaysian brands like Nasty Juice. Not heard of rainbowvapes, think I'll give them a shot, thanks.


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I use onepoundliquid or LiQuid - all are just a £1 each for 10ml - some are crap/awful & some are surprisingly good.

I have compared to some of the quite expensive ones I use to buy the the better ones from LiQuid were just as good if not better. The ones that are crap/awful I just take the loss of a £1 & chuck it in the bin & never buy it again.

For a £1 each, you can try a bunch of different flavours each time till you can find the ones you like.

I would like to ask others here - what is "Shortfill" & "Nic Salts"?

I have only ever bought the 100ml, 50ml, 30ml & 10ml bottles of ready made stuff but no one sells anything above 10ml anymore.

I never vape any liquid from China though no matter how cheap - the stuff you find in pound shops & other discount type stores.

If anyone knows of a really good Cola and/or Cola-Menthol please let me know!

Thank you all!

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