Where should I buy my 5 series Panasonic plasma?



I noticed that a lot of people have bought these recently. Is richer sounds the best (cheapest) place and do they have them now? I'm looking to buy it in the next 2 weeks. Also I have an old Sony 725 DVD player, do I need to upgrade this to get the most out of the screen? Thanks.

I got my from Panny D4 from AV-sales, and I am very very happy with it. I ordered it Friday Dinner time and it came via TNT on Tuesday 1pm.

They have some great deals on the Panny range!

I have just connected my system using a home made SCART to 4 BNC (RGB) cable, and it works fine with all my RGB devices (DVD player etc)

Hope this helps.

Stock seems to be the trouble with the 5 series.

The silver ones even harder to get.

Richer sounds said they won't have stock for at least two weeks, so i wouldn't hold your breath!. I hope Nick Halliday will post to advise you further, i for one like it when companies(including Nick) respond on this forum etc. The Richer Sound price seems great, but everybody sells stuff cheap if they have no stock!:D
But at that price, may be worth waiting etc.

Av-Sales are awaiting stock on the silver ones, and i would highly recommend them for service. I have bought plenty of stuff from them with no problems.;)

Joe at the Media-Factory has always seemed very helpful, but only sells the black version. But i'm sure he does sell the silver Toshiba "Clone".

Sound And Vision Bolton, have black and silver ones in stock(came in today), but i don't know if these are pre-ordered. I bought the TH-42W5B from them today including a Keene syncblaster scart lead for my Sky+ digi box etc.
No the 725 outputs component video so you'll get fantastic quality picture. [Although the 725 did have some lip sync issues].


I have got a Sony 725 plugged into my Panny W5 (via Component) and all I can say is the results are stunning.

I always grin to myself everytime I watch a film on it! :D

Havent had any lip-sync issues yet... :confused:

fantastic, thanks for all your help. In about a week i'll be going from a 4:3 32" tosh with no proper surround sound to Plasma, kef Q's, Denon AV amp, REL storm. I will have to watch all my DVD's again.
I also used AV-sales when I purchased my TH-42PWD4 and I thought they were very efficient and very helpful. I can recommend them with confidence. Good prices also.
Originally posted by epicdream
Havent had any lip-sync issues yet... :confused:

It applied to the first batch of these, and there is an updated bios that a Sony service centre can apply that fixes it. If you put in DVD Out of Sight it always shows it up. [Unforutnately the BIOS update also broke alot of the region 1 mods for that device :(] But its still an outstanding box. Most cheapo Jean-Claude Van Damme films sparked it off also. Most annoying.


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