where is the sky hd forum??

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'Sky Hardware & Installations'...
'Freeview, Cable & Satellite Hardware & Installations'......

EH ! What's that all about :confused:

Mods, stop messing about and bring back the Sky HD forum

Tony Hoyle

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Thought I'd missed something...

One minute we're debating whether a BBC HD forum would be appropriate and the next we lose the Sky HD one!


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also just been on the phone for one hour to resolve our HD issues( total of 6 hours) , no joy at all, we are dealing with a bunch of muppets,do not change to sky HD it doesnt work.

I am a few days away from suing sky !!!

Bernie Steak

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Not a good move this one, and I imagine it would be time consuming to undo, it's always easier to merge forums than split them up again.

Not really sure why this move was made, but I'm not really interested in general Sky stuff, just HD stuff, I had the forum on my Google home page and since the forum has been active have been to this site more than ever before.

Both of those will change now. :(


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What a strange thing to do. It was nice and logical before, now everything to do with Sky SD is mixed in with HD. What a joke.


C'mon AV forums...You were one of only two recognised places where there was some intelligent and informative discussion on Sky HD.

Now that information will just get lost in the general Sky "noise" :oops:

Put the Sky HD forum back :lease:


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going by the title of this forum we're not allowed to discuss programmes on TV or the software/firmware the boxes run!


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Even the name of the forum is poor and confusing - "hardware and installations"????

Boo, bring back SkyHD forum!


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Anything Sky HD related, just repeat your post in the following three forums...

'Freeview, Cable & Satellite Hardware & Installations'

'Sky Hardware & Installations'

'High Definition TV Hardware'

That'll get their goat up!

And what's with this 'Installations' addition nonsense ? :confused:

Sorry, but I just don't see teh significance of singling out 'Installations'

The ever increasing forums and sub-forums is just getting more and more confusing :thumbsdow

Must be the summer heat!


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Guys, if you're going to go around altering the Forum structure like this could you at least give people a warning with maybe a news item on the front page "From Friday Sky HD section will be merged with.... blah blah blah".

Customer Focused.... ;) and I guess it'd be too much to ask to have a discussion thread on the idea before it's done? :rolleyes:

This place is getting so draconian of late.


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mmace said:
going by the title of this forum we're not allowed to discuss programmes on TV or the software/firmware the boxes run!
TV programmes shouldn't really have been discussed in the old thread either, there is a TV programmes sub-forum and now HD TV programmes under the Source Material forum.

However, I agree with people here, they've definitely dropped the ball this time. If they wanted to split out discussions of BBC HD, Freeview HD etc from the Sky HD forum what was wrong in keeping the general Sky/Freeview sub-forum and creating new ones for Satellite HD, Cable HD and Freeview HD.


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I bet they're currently in the process of creating several 'Sky sub forums' :rolleyes:

Well we've already got 'Sky Hardware & Installations' :rolleyes:

I forsee others...

'Sky HD Software'

'Sky Interactive'

'Sky TV Progs' (which could drill down further into Sports, Movies etc OG Don't give em ideas!)

'Sky Mobile'

'Sky Blue' (!)


'HD Hardware'

'HD Software'

and so on


MODS, STOP IT, YOU'RE BEING SILLY NOW, If you're bored and want something to do, go outside and enjoy the glorious sunshine.

[email protected]

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What a cock up this is. As a TVdrive user I cant even find where these posts have gone.

Please put it back how it was before, this is rediculous.
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