Where is the "Satellite - Skyplus PVR (BSkyB PVR)" on 688


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I've been searchign afor what Model Code to put for my Sky+ box on my 688. Someone said the following:
There are various settings available on the 885 for a Sky+ box - all work with varying degrees of success. I've found the best one is to set it as "Satellite - Skyplus PVR (BSkyB PVR)" - this works the best.

So when I select Satellite on the logitec website, I dont get a "Skyplus PVR (BskyB PVR)" option; i only get "Skyplus". Then in the next screen it asks for the model code and gives the example of "1700T"!

Can anyone talk me through this in a very condescending way?


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hmm, i think i may have solved it.


I don't know exactly what model you have, and I have my members settings on the harmony website set to expert, but for mine, I chose:

Add Device -> Device Category: Channel Decoder -> Device Type: Satellite -> Device Manufacturer: Pace -> Model Number: BSkyB3100

I did have to go in to the device once it's added to decrease the delay between button presses, but that's what works on mine. What I would suggest though is looking at the model number printed on the sticker of your Sky+ box and when you get to that part type it in exactly as it says on the sticker...

Hope this helps a little, I don't know it the websites exactly the same for your model and my 885.


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