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Where is the Forum SoftMod Kit, exactly?


Established Member

I'm just wondering where the Forum's Xbox softmod kit (a brilliant idea, by the way!) is currently. I ordinarily wouldn't post a separate thread for this subject, but the posts I've made in the softmod thread have gone unanswered for the most part, so a bit of clarification would be nice. After all, this kind of scheme only works well if everyone keeps everyone else up to date :D

Anyway, the actual order that the kit was meant to go in was this: fatty99, MR. COATES, Flip Flop Fred, then me.

However, if you look at pages 8-9 of the Softmod thread, there's no definite indication that anyone's received it after fatty99. MR. COATES posted to say that he should have received it on 19th September, but that as he worked away during the week, he'd only be able to get it on Thursday, 22 September, and send it to Fred on the morning of Friday, 23 September. There have been no posts from Fred at all, and the PM I sent him (to be fair, it was only yesterday afternoon), asking him to confirm if he was next on the list, and to reply to me so I could PM him my address, has so far gone unanswered.

Where does that leave us? Well, at the moment, I have no idea where the softmod kit is. I'm certainly not trying to make any accusations, not put pressure on people, and I hope that it doesn't appear that way. However, without any real idea of where it is, I'm starting this thread now to head off a backlog of people asking questions as to its location. I've already had a PM from mjw123 wanting to know if he could join the list - I think he had the impression that I had the kit, which I obviously haven't.

Cheers for any light you can shed on the matter, guys! :thumbsup:

fatty 99

Standard Member

i sent the soft mod kit to mr coates on friday 16th september to arrive on monday 19th september. which i tracked and they couldnt deliver it because he was at work until thursday 22nd september. i pm him today to see if he got it alright but i have not heard from him.


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It's okay, mjw - I got a PM from Flip Flop Fred yesterday, saying he had the kit, and asking for me address to send it on. I PMed him straight back with my details, so it's just a case of waiting for it to be delivered, now!

Once I've received the kit and done my upgrade, I'll confirm who's next in the queue, and send it along. To my knowledge, you're next, mjw, but I'll double-check to make sure no-one misses their turn.

In the meantime, best to let this thread drop as it's served its purpose.


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This thread was solely to find out where the softmod kit has gone. Add your name to the waiting list here:


Alright? Cheers!

Now, please let this thread drop, as there's no more reason for it to exist - especially as I've received the kit and modded my 'box! :D

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