Where is the CD written down?


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I'm about to install Rollup 2. Trying to be prepared for the inevitable disaster and re-install I thought I would find my cd key ...... but can't! :oops:

Before anyone flames me, I DO NOT want their cd key, I would just like to know where it is written, i.e. manual, back of cd etc.

I am certain I haven't thrown it away, just need to think where I would've put it.

I ordered an OEM version from Scan if that makes any difference.



There should be a small sticker with a hologram stuck to your PC with the OS type and a key on it.
If you didn't stick it to your PC then it's on the cellophane wrapper that the CD/install guide came in


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unfortunately it looks like I have thrown this away! :suicide:

Is there a way of recovering it from the current install?

Would Microsoft issue me a new one if I ring them?

Any suggestions would be greatly received.

Sniff (Idiot)


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meansizzler, you seem to be the sort of person who is extremlely clever in hindsight. As if you never made a mistake...

sniff, have you found the info you are looking for? If that did not work for you, there are other suggestions known to work.


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Thanks for the suggestions, I used magic jelly bean, and some other one I found off google and they both say the same thing.

Disaster averted - as long as I don't lose the piece of paper I've wrote it on :suicide:

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A bit of paper taped on the base of the pc is still a good option. :)

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