Where have all the circa £230 Sony RDR-HXD870's gone?


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Dixon's have run out of stock, Amazon are quoting 1 - 2 months delivery ... anyone know where I might find one for close to £230 ? :lease:


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Would a PS3 not do the same job?

(Sorry not trying to be an idiot, it's a genuine question)

Edit: Nvm, I'm an idiot, thought it was just a blu-ray player. Though I would still like to know why people would get a standalone blu-ray over a PS3?


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Until recently the 970 was available on-line for around £230, but I can't find it easily at that price now.. perhaps that is what the OP meant? The 870 has been available around £200 and still is.


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Damn typo :eek: - sorry, should've read 970 ... my thanks to those who responded! Will have to start again ... :oops:


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Thanks folks ... Mark, just ordered from RGBDirect for £204, I had meant to buy the 970B but made a typo with this thread, then realised that I didn't need 250GB and saved some money into the bargain! :D

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