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where have all the bucking magnets gone?


Established Member
are these devices called something else in the UK? or are we all consumer junkies compared to the yanks who can and do build there own speakers. im trying to get some bucking magnets and at the moment the only place seems to be the US. does anyone know of a decent DIY speaker constructor shop/site where i can buy parts from in the UK.


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ive got hold of a ferite magnet like the one for sale in parts express. now one side pulls towards the speaker driver and one side pushes, but as i push against the field i eventually get to a point where the magnet seems to overcome the repelling force and it sticks to the back of the driver. is this correct? as i thought it would need glueing in place with a heavy weight on the back or something to stop it pushing off the back of the speaker. or do i need an even bigger magnet? this one is 60mmx10mm with a hole in the middle, my driver magnet is only 70mm.

Paul Smith

Prominent Member
That is right, when perfectly central they do often stay there by themselves, once close enough that is.
I would however advise gluing it as well, as if it moves or vibrates slightly off center it is likely to shoot off on it's own.
The size of the magnet you have certainly sounds like a good starting point for shielding your drive unit.


p.s. Just out of interest where did you/are you getting your magnets from?


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there from a sorce in the uk and he sent me a 60mm to try. trouble is they have a minimum order of £25 then theres 10.50 delivery and vat :(. so i guess ill be buying mine from the states after all, as i only need 9.

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