where has the list of recorded prgrammes gone? HDD DMR-HW100 Panasonic

julie hollywood

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On the Panasonic HDD DMR-HW100 the list of recorded films & programmes has disappeared, it was there on Thursday and has now disappeared. It still records as the time remaining has gone down to 27hr 57m, that is still visible but the actual programme listings no longer show up.

I have also tried going in via Function menu, Playback Contents, Video and while a slideshow of all the programmes shows on the screen, when I go into Video I get the same empty listing page.

I know the programmes are still there but how do I get the list back on screen to select then to view?



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With luck, this is just a corruption glitch.

Disconnect the unit from the mains for 5 minutes then reconnect.
Hopefully it will be ok thereafter.
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