Where Eagles Dare - In a DVD-player near you at 2003-03-15


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Good.:D All we need now is Battle of Britain and the other great films like this to come out.


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Broadsword to Danny Boy... come in Danny Boy!

Excellent news, great film... not hopeful about a 5.1 mix tho.


GREAT NEWS. the old ones are the best un's.

Ingrid Pitt in that dress grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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At last I can replace my Laser Disc copy! (Still have BOB on Laser too).

Hope they have some decent extras on it.

I seem to recall this thread being on the otherside of the square ;)

The definative blueprint as to how to make a quality action film.


Excellent Film, one of my favourites. Have been looking for this for ages, can't wait to see it :)


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Originally posted by Xusia Of Delos
Still have BOB on Laser too.
That was available on Laser?! :eek: :eek:
Damn, I missed that one then, had Laser for years and never knew that was available, Doh!
Oh well, I can wait for DVD.
Hey DVD producers I want
The Battle of Britain , Please. :D :D


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Great news, Here's some more classic war films.
The guns of naverone

The Heroes of Telemark, no release for this one yet :(


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Some more good news here from DVD Debate
A Bridge Too Far is going to be released by MGM in May 2003. See here


I'll have to get a copy of this as I still vaguely recall my dad taking me to see it - a saturday special, I add as I'm not quite that old! But more than that, it's a classic in every respect. Once seen never forgotten.
And what's wrong with a silent stabbing than a 'silenced' gun which makes more noise but less viewer/realism effect and mess - Mister Muscle not in the kit bag for sure.

simon p

hi all
does anybody know if it will be the same version as the laser disc which i know is not great print but it does have the intermission and so on which is the best at the moment, better than the brit vid?i think, this is a great movie danny boy

Charlie Whitehouse

Excellent news about Where Eagles Dare. Along with 633 Squadron, these are Ron Goodwin's finest theme tunes, I think.

Slightly off topic, but does anyone remember a film starring Anthony Quinn called 'The Secret Of Santa Vittoria'. It used to be a regular 'bank-holiday' film like Guns of Navarone, but I haven't seen it on TV for years. Would be great if it came out on DVD... :)

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