Where does Panasonic go with OLED IN 2020?


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So as i find that by december i may have enough money set aside to get a gz 950 or a gz2000, i am wondering where panasonic will head in 2020 with oled and what they will announce at the consumer electronics show in january' 20? Maybe the HZ range and a successor to the gz950? Do you think the gz2000 will be a carry over model and continue next year as well? What kind of picture enhancements can we expect from any of their next year oled models?


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I am sure they will continue the 950 series with a HZ. The unknown is will they bring out a HZ2000 and/or a Pro panel without the Atmos audio.
The panels will still be LGD panels, with the main selling point being HDMI 2.1 and HDCP 2.3


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Wrong thread :(


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On another forum I read, they might announce a similar model to the GZ2000 in an event in february next year but without the technics soundbar. Could it be true? I would expect such a model to have a lower mrp out of the gate, below 4000 pounds for the 65" version.

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