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Where does Half Life 2 Episode 1 install?


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I'm just manually backing up my steam games as I do on a regular basis as I buy them (also for transfewr to my laptop) and I know where Half Life 2 and Episode two are as they are both in the same folder, but Episode 1 doesn't appear to be there?

Edit: I can't seem to see Team Fortress 2 either?

Any idea's where they install so I can manually back them up for safe keeping/transfer etc?


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theyre usually in the folder with your steam account name iirc, but i dont think theres specific folders for the episodes, it might eb within the HL2 folders or in the savegame folder im not 100%
ive just had a look and cant see a specific episode save but i dont think ive got any save points on them :laugh:


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Should you not just use the backup/restore function? Can select the game/s to backup and the same with restore. Very simple to do.


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I got them, they are in the same folder as Half Life 2 is in (steamapps/username) they are created after running them for the first time.

The bigger files of them are lose files in the steam apps folder it's self (as the folders it creates for them are only a few hundred mb in size even though the content is a few gb).

I mainly bought it for Episode 1 and 2, already half life 2 (gave spare to a mate).
I don't think I'll bother much with Team Fortress 2 myself, some of the stuff in the in game store is pretty damn expensive :eek:

I have never used the backup utility, I've only ever copied the files across from the steam apps folder. I usually only move one game at a time to my main game back up on my external, as I use that as a back up and to move them to my laptop (soon I think I'll be installing steam on the exteral to play them on the laptop, as I only have 500gb total hdd on my laptop that accomodates the operating system, a personal system back up / factory settings backup etc....) It hasn't given me any problems :)



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There is nothing in the TF2 ingame store that you cannot find for free ingame.

Nobody buys anything from it anyway, as the items are inferior to ones obtained by trading/finding.


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Ah that's good to hear, thanks :smashin:

I thought it was one of those games where you have to buy stuff to get anywhere, but as long as I can find/trade stuff in game then that's all good :)


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