Where do you listen to music?


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OK, you've got your dream hi-fi system - dream speakers, the perfect amplifier, the best CD player you could find. So where do you usually listen to your CDs?

In the kitchen?
In the car?
In the bathroom?

Or sitting on your couch in front of your carefully-positioned speakers?

Me, it's the car.

I did put a Leonard Cohen on my hi-fi this evening, but after about about two songs I remembered something I needed to do in the kitchen, then a bit later the phone rang, and that was the end of LC for today. The CD played out without me.


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In the bedroom - where my system and I hang out. However, my iPod also gets regular use on my walk to work or on long journeys. There's still nothing better than kicking back at the end of the day with a few cold beers and a stack of CDs by the hifi though......


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I guess for me its split into 3. An hours journey to work and back everyday which i listen to cds in the car. The living room in the evenings when we can and then if i'm feeling hardcore, the headphones and mp3 player in bed just before sleep. :)

Oh and as someone reminded me, i listen to the radio and cd's all day long too in our office. All kinds of music but the systems a little poopy.


Your going to hate me.........dedicated listening room, surrounded by Cds,vinyl, books on music and artwork that has a musical connection. When I'm not listening there, then the car is the next place, although the current sytem in my car is bloody awful for a high quality car.


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For me it's the spare bedroom. I have my hi-fi kit here as well as my pc and games consoles. I always come here after work and chill out as I please! :)


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since getting my ipod, in bed before going to sleep, but of course also whilst driving.


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Like Karkus i'm afraid. Dedicated listening room, acoustic treatment, the works. I listen whenever I can, also have the 'family' AV system which is pretty OK for music. I don't have MP3 player though I'm tempted by the new IPOD. Something to keep me company when I run.:rolleyes:
I listen in the car when I'm driving and when the CD player actually works. German engineering for you.....:devil:


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My set is in my bedroom so mainly there, when I'm out and about my phone suffices
for tunes.


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my main hifi is in the living room and unfortunatly doesn't get used as much as it should :(

i listen to quite a bit of music in my computer room as the amp / speakers attached to it aint half bad and produce a pretty impressive sound but accurate it aint

then the there's the car oh and music dvd's in the bedroom as thats where the surround is set up ( didn't want to intefear with the main system in the living room )

Paul Williams

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karkus30 said:
Your going to hate me.........dedicated listening room, surrounded by Cds,vinyl, books...

Well this goes for me as well :smashin: Except mines a little less dedicated as it doubles as the home cinema and photographic studio. But it does have its own dedicated mains consumer unit and individual spurred sockets as well as a ring circuit for all that digital stuff. Anywhere else and its just background music, but 2nd place goes to were I am now - in front of the computer!



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for me its in my bedroom on my PC, I have about 2000 mp3s on my PC, i have a few cans, play chess and read the forums on avforums,

Ed Selley

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Got a listening room albeit an untreated one. I will generally get a few hours a week in there and rather more at weekends. The living room has the AV gear in it which is generally being used in one context or another as well. Due to the nature of my job I often do some fairly rigourous listening there as well. I also do 45 minutes each way on the tube with my Iriver and Shure's although given I read at the same time it is really just background.

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