where do these scarts go

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    i have no ariel for terrestial tv. so rely on my normal sky ,now i want to record via my dvd recorder and from my t.v to my video recorder . question is what scarts go where???
    i have no picture when i turn on my dvd recoder it cant find any stations ??
    im losing the will to live at the mo

    i have a philips tv 2 scarts and 1 side input
    amstrad sky box
    tevion recordable dvd player
    sony vcr
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    As you have no TV aerial your Tevion will not find any TV stations - it will only find terrestrial ones. The Sky box is an AV connection.

    Your Tevion must be set to its scart input to record from Sky. The scart input is usually called AV2 and the output AV1.

    1. How many scarts does your Sky box have? If two, I assume they are labelled TV-out and VCR-out
    2. Does the Tevion pass the scart input to the scart output when in standby?
    3. When you say you want to record from your TV to the VCR, is this so you can record sky on your VCR by a different route?

    The normal arrangement if your Sky has one scart is this:
    Sky > DVD AV2
    DVD AV2 > TV
    VCR scart > TV

    Then you watch TV with the DVD off (in standby) as usual.
    You record DVD by selecting AV2 as the Record Input on the DVD (sometimes AV2 is also called L1)
    You record what you are watching on your TV on the VCR by selecting as input on the VCR the scart which is connected to the TV.

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