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Where do I put my rear in walls?

Whats established wisdom here about rear in wall speaker placement?

I have 4 options:

1. All 3 just above ear height on the rear wall
2. All 3 at the top of the rear wall (preferred for WAF as wall available for pictures etc)
3. Left & right on the side walls and rear centre on the rear wall, choice of just above ear height or at the top of the wall. I would prefer not to use the side walls as placement is a little difficult, though I can do so if it makes a big difference.
4. I could also place all 3 on the ceiling.

Any thoughts?


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Are the rear speakers monopoles or bipoles (other than the rear centre)?

Monopoles behind, bipoles besides (the seated position) is normally the recommended position. There are a few pics on the Dolby website.
huntre: Can't angle as they are in walls.

mhuk05: they are monopoles. Behind suits me, but from what I read it seems that side positioning is the way to go :confused:


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I'd say try all and any positions and see what sounds best to you.

I balanced mine on different lengths of timber while I was "testing". I thought I'd found the best spot but about a month later moved one of the rear speakers slightly and it improved the soundstage about 100%.

Advice is no substitute for having a go :)
Experimenting with positions is a bit difficult as the builders are doing all sorts of things and the dust is unbelieveable. Getting in the room is a task in itself. I really need to make a decision straight away so they can cut the holes in the walls for the speakers.

I'll have a look in the morning when I have a bit of light to see if I can accomodate them on the side walls without too much difficulty (and too much moaning from the builders!).


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Gotcha. I'd always thought the side was for bipoles (& dipoles), monopoles behind or angled in from behind at just above head height.

Maybe someone who has monopoles (must be 50% of the people here?) will post?


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Well I have monopoles and I think the best advice is to put in the side walls - pointing in like headphones.


But if WAF is important I'm not sure the difference would be THAT much with rears is in back wall

Also if room size relatively small then the 6th channel may be of no benefit anyway - you could drop that with no effect (no pun intended)

PS In earlier post hadn't got the in walls bit!
Quick update:

Side walls can't be used due to positioning of a window and door.

Rears will therefore go on the rear wall.

Only need to decide whether to put the 6th channel on the wall directly in front of the front centre, which I understand is to be avoided as they will cancel eachother out. The only option that I can see is to put the rear higher than the front, unless anyone has any other ideas?

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