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Following some great advice on these forums I have wired up my new Panny 37PX70 as directed below (copied and pasted from a previous thread). Everything was working perfectly until I tried to connect my TV aerial. Being a novice I didn't think that it could be right that my roofspace aerial wasn't connected to anything so I plugged it in where I thought it should go. Now the Freeview channels on the Panny don't pick up a signal. Can someone please advise if I need to connect the aerial or is the Panny able to pick up the Freeview signal through the Sky Box?

So connect as follows:

(a) Sky+ TV scart > Panasonic Ext 1 ~ using fully wired scart lead and both set to RGB

(b) Sky+ DIN S-video + 2 x RCA audio > Toshiba AV2 (Ext) ~ using a "from" S-video + 2 x RCA to Scart lead (these are directional so get the right one or a switchable one)

(c) Toshiba Component + 2 x RCA audio > Panasonic Component + 2 x RCA audio ~ using a 3 x RCA Component lead (not a 3 RCA video & audio) and a 2 x RCA audio lead, setting both to progressive scan

(d) Toshiba AV1 (TV) scart to Panasonic AV2 scart ~ setting both to (composite) video, this will enable you to record from the Panasonic's internal tuner

Many thanks

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Either that or if you "pipe" the Sky picture around your home via RF, then put the roof aerial to the Sky box then use RF1 out of the Sky to your TV and RF2 to the rest of your house. That said, all you are doing is getting the aerial sigal to your TV via the Sky box, which may improve your picture as I think the Sky box amplifies the output a little.

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