Where do I get extra long (10m+) power cord for my HS50?

Craig Armstrong

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I made my own up using a decent plug from B&Q, a length of electrical cable and the spare continental power cable which came with the projector (cutting off the continental plug) and mounted the junction box under the floor boarding near the top of the ceiling mount. I guess you could buy a ferrite or two from Maplin to clean up the power if you wanted to as well.


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Long fig of 8 mains leads are impos to find

What i did was buy a normal 10m IEC kettle lead(maplins) and a IEC-to-Fig of 8, converter from Russ Andrews.
problem sorted.


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there are some around i got 2 15 neters clover leaf and kettle type plugs not long ago from Stax. also worth mentioning maplins and pcworld do extension cords for these type of cables as well


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Silly question guys. I have a Male IEC 320 ready for fitting to some mains cable, just been pulling cables through the floor joists, dusty work lol.

Bar the earth which goes on the middle upper connector does it matter which way round the live and neutral go? My connector doesnt have any marking only for earth. I presume it could be either of the bottom 2 terminals?


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