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Well my first foray into editing/burning footage on the panny E100 hasnt turned out too well.

i copied three hours of music videos from video cassette onto the hard drive as one big file. i then made a playlist from this footage, this list amounted to 56 seperate tracks. burned to dvd using FR (2 hours 20 mins worth). i expected the resulting dvd to let me skip one track to the start of the next as you would with an audio cd ie there should be 56 discrete tracks on the dvd. what has actually happened is that there are only 23 chapters on the dvd, so if you want to miss a song and skip it you end up in the middle of the next track or even the one after that.

can someone tell me what i did wrong and what is the difference between a chapter and a track :confused:


I haven't used your particular machine but I have a fair idea of what has gone "wrong".
Your machine is set to put in chapters automatically,most likely at six minute or so intervals so when you recorded your tape it put chapters in every six minutes or so regardless.
If you wanted to create a seperate vid that you could "jump" to you would have to turn off the auto chapters and then start and stop the machine for each vid to create a seperate track.
Of course on your machine you may be able to enter manual chapters at point you choose,basically record like you were doing and press a button to put in a chapter at each point of your choosing.
Like I said I have no knowledge of your machine but there is nothing wrong as such it is just a case of understanding how it creates the chapters and if you can create them yourself at certain points .

davee b

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thanks smallman 28, unfortunately the instruction manual is somewhat less than useful . looks like its going to be a case of trial and error :lesson:


Your tracks should have gone through the "divide" process before transfer to dvd.This would give each one an individual menu entry and would be accessible for any track.I had an HS2 and never used the Playlist as it was too fiddly.Direct Navigator seemed simpler as your edits were as they would be copied to disc.PL edits do not affect the original block which stays intact,which is ok if you make mistakes,but,to me,is more complicated to use.

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