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Where can one buy nVidia PureVideo outside the US / Canada and do I need to anyway ?


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Hi All,
I built my HTPC a couple of weeks ago and downloaded the nVidia trial which worked a treat. After some experimentation, I decided that I would use TheaterTek for DVD playback (with ffdshow) so I purchased it and installed. I then realised that I wasn't sure what would happen to the nVidia decoder (I.E. Would it still expire or would TheaterTek have overwritten it with it's own licenced version). To be sure, I de-installed TheaterTek and then de-installed the trial decoder. After that, I verified that the system could not playback MPEG2 (Decoder error on live TV) and sure enough, that was the case. Re-installed TheaterTek expecting that that would fix it but no, still get decoder error and TheaterTek just hangs if I try to playback a DVD. I tried re-installing the trial and guess what, it worked again. Clearly, something didn't de-install from the trial. I didn't want to waste any more time on it so I decided to purchase the nVidia decoder but to my horror then found you can't order outside North America.

So two questions really :-

1) Is there a program/script/something that will completely clean off the nVidia trial stuff and allow TheaterTek to work with it's own version of the decoder ?


2) Is there a way to buy the nVidia decoder in the UK ?

Any help/advice would be most appreciated.


I don't believe you can buy an electronic version of the decoder in the UK, but you can purchase the CD from Scan.

Alternatively you could try the 90210 trick. Put this as your zip code and use your credit card as normal. I've heard it works but never used it myself!


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As you've bought Theatertek you shouldn't have to spend any more money to get it working they should fix it for you. Have you contacted them?

If the Nvidia trial is breaking Theatertek then it'll be a common problem and there should be a common solution.


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avanzato, I think you are right. I will head over to the Theatertek forum and ask there. If I find the answer, I will post it back here in case other people hit the same issue.


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There's a couple of oldish threads over at AVSforum with similar problems to you. The only fix suggested there was to uninstall both TT and Nvidia, then manually remove their entries from the registery. No report back as to whether it worked and slightly dangerous to do, editing the registry.


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I bought PureVideo by entering NVidia's own address from their homepage, together with my card details and my email address. Worked a treat.

Obviously their software checks for a valid address and card, but doesn't check whether the card is registered at that address.

I don't know whether it's cheaper than Scan, but it avoids messing about posting a CD that's probably outdated anyway.


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Thanks for the replies. OK, to wrap this up, Andrew over at TheaterTek confirmed that re-installing the trial over the top of TheaterTek will re-introduce the timeout. However, using the upgrade option in TheaterTek and re-entering ones licence details will unlock it. I guess this is a good way to get TT and MCE working with the latest decoder before a patch is issued. Anyway, I am a happy camper now.

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