Where can I get tmreq wizard from?


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Hi guys, I've had my tag gear for around five years now and have never really bothered with tmreq. I've messed about a bit just with my spl with pretty mixed results. The centre speaker seemed to lack 'weight' with voices after applying it, and pretty much the same for my pair of subs. Anyway, I've finally gained access to a laptop and fancy having a go at setting it up properly using Urban T's excellent 'easy way' guide. Just one thing though, I can't find tmreq wizard anywhere. Does anybody have a copy they could email me? Or a location to download it from?If so, please drop me a pm, I'd really appreciate it.
Also, where can I purchase a license from for tmreq wizard? Or can licenses now be shared with tag now sort of no longer in existence?

And one last thing, my dvd32r has had a sticky door for pretty much the full time I've had it (from brand new). It went in three times under guarantee only to stick again very quickly. I just gave up in the end and decided to live with it. But I've sort of decided it's time to try and sort it out. It's got the old 058 door mechanism, is there anyway to lubricate it? Or does anyone perform the door upgrades nowadays, and how much does it cost? Or my last alternative would be to perhaps put a trade offer in the wanted/trade forums for a dvd32flr.
Would anyone offer me a straight swap do you reckon? (mines silver with the psm etc) and would I notice much difference in performance?

Thanks as always chaps.


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Hi budvarholsten,

if you really like to buy the wizard - you can get it from IAG see link in FAQ

You can also safe some cash and get a much more up to date version from John (Room EQ Wizard) - and if you like you can donate your cash to John rather to IAG.

Do you have a Tagtronic Upgrade cable? Would help you big time. As far as I know you can buy this now again from IAG?!




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The FAQ actually contains links to both TAG's TMREQ section,and John Mulcahy's updated TMREQ,plus links to the easy setup guide from UrbanT.
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