where can i get the bling version of xbmc?


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Jan 5, 2006
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hope can ask this here but im looking for the bling bling version of xbmc i cant seem to find it and a guide as to update xbmc as never dont it before
ok, I have to ask, what is the 'bling bling' version of XBMC when it's at home?

Never heard of that!

ok found a version of it now just need a tutorial as to how to update xbmc anyone know where thesr is one
whats the major differenences between both?

Mostly cosmetic as far as I can see it, however he is constantly working on his version and releases new versions most weeks.

As I run my XBMC for a boot disk its great for me as updating is simply download and burn to a new disk.
The main difference is not cosmetic, just that the pimped version comes with a whole heap of scripts already included (and some odd bits here and there)

I tend to use the pimped version as it's dead easy to download the latest version without searching the torrent sites or using xbins
Anyone got some pics of the different versions ? cant seem to find them on the site listed above.

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