Where can I get some speakers and a sub fora pro logic TV

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by monkeyboygokZ, Mar 15, 2005.

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    Ive a Sharp 28" widescreen TV, Ive only the internal centre, front left and right, and ive seperate external rears, with inputs for left and right front and sub,

    After hearing the fantastic sound from it, I now want some more speakers, I could probably last a while longer without them if it wasnt for the fact that the internal speakers are at a much lower volume than the external, its fine for television, until adverts or I watch music videos, when the external ones blaze out extremly loud.

    I have AV and my scart input volumes set to full,so it couldnt be that, the RF sound is about equal to the external ones.

    Ive a couple of old speakers from a very old unused stereo that I might use, but dont know about the sub(they are Dolby speakers as they have dolby logo) as I never use the stereo and its been sitting at my parents for years, and they have din plugs the same as my TV.

    Would they be ok? If I remember right, they mught be old surround ones as they have a small speaker and below it a big one.

    I could just buy one of those cheap £20 PC sets, which I have for my parents house, and just put din plugs on it, but Im not sure that it will work as it is powered by electric, and might now have tje output/input for it.
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    PC speakers are generally active - ie they are mains or battery powered and take a line level input. These may work for your needs as long as your TV has a line level output for the Front L & R rather than just 'speaker level' though it may take some fiddling to set the correct level of amplification on the speakers to match the TV.

    It may be possible to switch the free speakers to something more respectable but getting a match to the internal centre speaker on the TV is going to be next to impossible. It is considered exceptionally important to have matching L, C & R speakers to ensure that any sound that pans across the three are consistant otherwise (as an extreme example) a motorbike panning from left to right could start off sounding like a harley, turn into a 50cc moped as it hits the centre and then back to a harley as it goes to the R channel.

    Does your TV not allow you to adjust the volume levels for each channel/speaker?

    Personally, seeing as you are clearly getting into surround sound TV/ movies I would save up some pennies and look to get the start of a proper AV setup (ie an AVR & speakers)

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