Where can i get one??????any idea??

I want a plasma

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i am in the process of putting all my cables behind a false wall [plasterboard]
So,i have a panny6 on the wall,cables dropping down from it and out the bottom of the wall to my components.
Is there anything out there that i can put on the wall to make this look alittle more neater.
Like a facia plate or something like that.
And where do i get one from.


why would you want a plasma over a Lcd? My local dealer reckons that after 5 years use they start to deteriorate.


thats complete and utter balls search on plasma section many long term users and the facts that are stated on manufacturers websites. it's more than 5yrs @ 24/7 use.


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Panny are rated at 30,00 hours! and how many 42" or 50" LCD screens have you seen?!?
Trunking? comes in paintable and all sorts of sizes, also availble in brushed aluminium if you know where to look!

I want a plasma

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Hi hornydragon ,

Trunking? comes in paintable and all sorts of sizes, also availble in brushed aluminium if you know where to look!
Sorry matey,didn`t make myself very clear.
I am putting the cable behind plasterboard.
So at the bottom of the plaster board i will have to make a whole for the cables to come through.
So do you or anyone know how to make a nice clean job of this??
Is there some kind of facia plate or cover.


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What about one of these but without any Modules and run the wires through the holes


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Try your local electrical wholesaller, you can get a faceplate for a standard doule socket (which you knock the back off of) that is basicaly a frame with brushes across so the cables come though the brush, but you cannot see past them into the wall.

Joe Fernand

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Your dealer is well off the mark - Panasonic 6 Series displays (like Pioneer and others) will quite happily go way past five years with no visible deterioration in picture quality.

Panasonic now state 60,000 hours to half brightness - that's one hell of a lot of telly for anyone to watch; and that figure extends if your not running it at full brightness.

Go back to your dealer and suggest he gets a current Panasonic brochure and study it for a long time :)

Best regards



I think you are right Joe . I ahve decided to replace my set with a plasma but feel they are overpriced at the moment. When CRTs finally leave the market then I shall move in

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