Where can I get celestions Online?


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Apr 22, 2002
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Anyone know of any online retailers who advertise/stock Celestion C speakers.

Thanks Andy. I got a ful set of C3, C2, C4C, C5R & C6S from Hyperfi in the end, and at a fraction of the cost as advertised on Soundsexpensive. (e.g C6S for £199 compared to £510).

Bit of a bargain me thinks :D
Hyperfi do seem ver cheap at the moment, well, they always are! But, if i were you i would see if you can bargain with someone else to get a similar price, i have tried hyperfi befor and they employed dirty richersounds tactics on me!

Andrew Rayner used to be the UK distributor for Celestion, don't know if he still is and can't remember the trading name used doh not much use really was I :(
Well, they were good as gold with me. Kept the items on hold till I found the C4C I needed then had them sent next day delivery at no additional cost (and there were lots of BIG boxes - everyone one double boxed).

Haven't set them up or connected them to anything yet as still planning the HC room but they sure look good :D
They must have changed! Not all that long ago they repeatedly played me the 'we dont have that item anymore sir, but we have this (more expensive) one instead'. That always got on my nerves.

Maybe i'll give a fresh start


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