Where can I get Canare RCA plugs??


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Jan 21, 2002
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Hi, does anybody know where I can get those 75 ohm plugs?

I'm looking for the RCAP-C53 and RCAP-C4F models.

They've got one out of 2, thanks! As far as I know, a standard crimping tool will do (just not as quickly).
Let us know how you get on with making your cables.

I was thinking of making some component and digital coax cables using the Canare connectors and some of Canford's decent 75 Ohm cable (ref. 36-526 I think), but was worried that the quality might be compromised by poor crimping.

Canford have quoted me for making-up four 1m lengths, with colour coded heat shrink sleeves for component video and digital audio, but at around £80 including VAT and delivery, this is significantly more than the just the parts. Also, I could buy ready made Ixos or QED cables at this price, although I'm not sure how they would compare in terms of quality.

I really want to make my own, but wouldn't mind a bit of feedback on whether you get a good positive connection with a standard crimping tool (the kind that you can buy in Halfords for doing car electrics ?).

Exeter Dude,

Have a look other at the Audio Asylum forum, I've noticed some people are using Canare plugs with Belden 1694A cable for component video, HTH...

I'll let you know when I get to make them!
They've got one out of 2, thanks! As far as I know, a standard crimping tool will do (just not as quickly).

By this I take it you mean a standard RJ59 BNC crimper?

Cool, let us Know how you get on, this has to be the easiest way forward to cheap/quality cables.:)
Hi guys,

I've been trying to get some Canare 75ohm connectors for some time, so that's a good call on Canford.

Many of the Canare plugs are OK with standard (RG-59?) and mini coax cables so a standard crimp tool should do OK.

I'll order some plugs soon and give it a go.

Exeter Man,

Yup, that's right.

The only possible problem is that companies like to have a crimp tool that's just right for their own cables. You might find that the tool might not have all of the sizes that you require, so you need to check out the dimensions quite carefully.

Last year I bought a crimp tool set from Maplin (EM07H.. I think it's discontinued now) which had interchangeable dies to cover a variety of cables and connectors.


Thanks for that.

I look forward to getting some feedback (and possible piccies) from you and evildonut.

Hey guys,

I've received the plugs from Canford this morning (RCAP-C53 for the Belden 1694A). Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend!
Hey guys,

I did the cable over the weekend! Didn't bother with any soldering for the centre pin, so making them up took no time:)
Downside was that the local Maplin were out of stock on the ZF41U front and B&Q didn't have any crimping tool :(

Never mind, I did a basic crimping in the meantime, it'll do for now! Compared to my Chord Codac, I did notice some improvement, however I can't put words into it yet...

If anything, the plugs are great, the cable's great, and the overall is cheap... go for it!

Slightly off topic .....My Canare connectors will have to wait a little..... I've just blown some cash on some crimpable WBT (audiophile ??) phono connectors at the Heathrow Hifi show. I'm hoping to be able to use my regular crimp tool without buying the WBT crimp pliers. I also bought some WBT bootlace ferules which you crimp onto the cable ends. You then screw these into the plug. These WBT connectors look very much like some (very much cheaper) connectors which I bought from CPC. The only difference is that the CPC ones do not have a screw connection for the ground conductor or braid.


Great to hear that you've made some progress, and that your initial results look promising.

Out of interest, where from/how much for your Belden cable ? I was looking at Van Damme cable from www.vdctrading.com or reference 36-526 from www.canford.co.uk

Exeter Man,

Can't help you here, I was given the cable! But I wouldn't be surprised if Canford were selling it as well... good luck!

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