Where can I get an American VCR in the UK?


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Oct 29, 2003
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Does anyone know where I might be able to get an American VCR in the UK? If not, how much would it cost to import a VCR from America?

And they will output the signal as pal so that all UK tv's can play them, you will need an NTSC compatible tv otherwise.
I have a panasonic dvd recorder which only accepts pure NTSC not pal 60, so I need a pure NTSC vcr for my American tapes.
Have you tried ebay yet? surely you'll find one nice and cheap there if you keep checking;)
Not cheap, but this is available from www.keene.co.uk


Multi standard VCR
Basically, this VCR is allows you to play more or less any type of VHS tape and tweak the output to suit any TV. You can also force it to record in a particular format, say tape something in the UK as NTSC to send to your friends or relatives in the US. Features a high resolution 4Mb converter, S-VHS Playback mode, convert/play/record in PAL<->NTSC<->SECAM Diamond Head System for superb picture and long life, 4 video & 2 audio heads for Hi-Fi stereo sound, Nicam stereo. Worldwide cable ready tuners: Pal I,M,N,B/G,D/K – NTSC M – Secam D/K, B/G. Digital Special Effects – Digital SSS - jitter-free freeze frame, frame
advance, slow motion, 'stroboscope' playback. Warp Search for quick viewing during FF or rewind, jog/shuttle control on full function remote control, picture sharpness control. AV inputs – 1 Front + 1 Rear; AV output - 2 Rear scart connection (rear). Auto mains switching between
110-240 volt 50/60 Hz [SV5000W]

[SV5000W] £435.00 (£370.23 ex VAT)

Hornydragon. I checked for Sharp vcr's that output NTSC 3.58. I could not find any. Are you sure it was NTSC 3.58? It might have been NTSC 4.43 which is PAL 60.

If I can not get a vcr in the UK, could someone please tell me how much would it roughly cost to import one from the USA?

I've heard about a NTSC to PAL converter at
www.consoleplus.co.uk would that be any good? I want quality copies of my US tapes but I don't want to spend £400 on multi vcr.

Thanks, but I was hoping for a slightly better known brand.
What do you mean irony? I've never heard of them.
I was hoping to get a JVC or Panasonic American VCR. However it appears no-one sells them in the UK.

Thanks for your help anyway.
I'll say it for you Horny. As it's your brand, you're not meant to plug them too hard here. Bang and Olufson are a world brand, in another quality league to the run of the mill Japanese, certainly in terms of build quality and style, many of their products in terms of performance and function too. I am frankly almost freaked out that anybody in the av world has not heard of them, and even wished they could afford them, I own a B&O phone.
You have it in a nutshell. All those brands are good, but you pay a chunk for the name, just like B&O. Style wise, there is nothing to compare.

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