Question Where can I get an 'above TV' centre speaker stand like this?


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Something cheap like this which could attach above my TV would solve all my problems


Any idea where to get one in the UK?


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Actually I might abandon that idea as 6kg seems quite a lot of weight to support in that way.

Might have to get rid of my trusty TV stand that I've had for 14 years :(


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The Clamp Center Bracket seems a bit light. I notice the specs don't give a weight limitation.

I think, assuming the TV itself is not wall mounted, that you could find a similar shelf that attaches to the Screw or VESA mounts on the back of the TV. The Screw holes that would normally be used to attach to a wall mount bracket. Though I suspect that these too have a weight limit, but I would suspect the weight limit would be more than a clamp type mount.

Something similar to the attached graphic. There is a chance you might have to have something custom made. Though I suspect brackets like this exist, I don't have a source for any.



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