where can I get a velodyne SMS-1 sub manager


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im after something to eq my subwoofer (i run an audiolab 8000AP). Now that the SVS AS-EQ1 is no longer for sale the velodyne seems to be the only option. I have looked at a couple of places and they retail for £600. In the USA they can be brought new for £200. Any ideas on where to get one in the UK for decent money? Six hundred notes is just too much in my opinion.



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I would look at the Antimode 2 Dual Core as an alternative to the AS-EQ1. On paper it looks like a better tool, with adjustable room curve, High pass filter among other things and it requires no computer to setup (screen on front).

I believe it retails at around £700

Adam :)


Redline are the UK distributers for Velodyne products and they list the SMS-1 at £695 so I would think that would be about the price you will pay in the UK - Redline - Velodyne SMS-1
AVToad have it for £620 or Amazon US have it for $349 so you might be able to get one sent over from the USA. Even with import duty & 20% VAT it should still be a lot cheaper than a UK sourced SMS-1. Other than that try to find one second hand.



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Whilst the SMS-1 is a useful tool and is much better than no EQ, it really isn't a patch on the AS-EQ1, even when used with program's able to analyse the Time domain, such as REW, by someone with a good amount of experience with PEQ filters.

You may well be restricted by your budget but I wouldn't consider paying list price for the SMS-1, as for a similar price the Antimode 2 Dual core is likely miles ahead. Either that or hold out for 2nd hand of either device.

Your final alternative would be the miniDSP which is around £100 and reasonably user friendly when used with REW, either that or a Behringer Feedback Destroyer.


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