Where can I get a Toshiba/Panasonic stand

Jon Weaver

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I have just found out that my Toshiba Plasma will be available for collection on Wednesday!!

Trouble is, I can't find a stand.

I am happy with either the old or new version but need it in Silver.

However, i would prefer the Panasonic over the Toshiba as they are cheaper.

I have put in an order from Empire Direct for £111, which is an excellent price, but they are quoting 3 weeks.

Does anyone have any idea where I can get one.

If not, I guess I will either have to do something as a temporary measure, or leave it in the box for a few weeks!!!



Jon Weaver

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£180 though!!

Whilst the Empire Direct price of £111 is too cheap, £180 is the other extreme.

I was expecting to pay around £150.

Jon Weaver

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Techtronics have them listed for £139+vat, but £163 is still a bit steep.

Plus, I dont' trust Techtronics as a company.

This is really annoying as I have managed to order one cheap from Empire Direct, but i have no way of knowing whether I will ever get it..

I am still open to advice..

All the best


Jon I found them on the web: www.soundandvision.uk.com

Sales: 01204 861861
Fax: 01204 439024
Customer Service: 0845 345 3789
Fax: 01204 439020

Postal address

VBA Ltd T/A Sound & Vision
Registered Office:
44-46 Higher Market Street

Registered In The UK No: 0329 5373
VAT No: 560 5952 32

Have you decided on a tuner so your family can watch easily? I think that was one of your concerns and its one of mine.

Jon Weaver

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Many thanks for that.

I was never really worried about the tuner as I live in an area with poor TV reception and since getting Sky+ hardly ever use the Tuner.

My main concern was the lack of auto-switching/auto-wide and speakers.

I got over the speaker problem by using some small back rear speakers which came with my Sony TV and they never took back.

They fit nicely next to my centre..

The 'auto-wide' problem is still there and I have decided just to live with it.

The Tuner would solve most of my prolbems, as its takes 'true' SCART input.. But at near £500, they can k**s my a*s.

Its just too expensive for what it is.. When you think that you can buy a £30 VCR which would do the job of a tuner, they can hardly justify the price of the Tuner.

I have a feeling that soon, there will be a 'bundle' price for the Plasma, Stand, Speakers and Tuner, to try and get into the 'TV' market.. If this happens, i hope that the price of the tuner will come down.

Ultimately, I would like it, just to get 'TV Functionality', but I am not paying more than £200 for it.

For now, I am going to get a JS RGB-Component converter and see how things go.

Jon Weaver

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Looks like I am not going to get a stand for a while.

Techtronics are now out of stock, as are EVERY supplier I have asked.

Worse, some have gone to Panaonic who can't even give a date.. Apparantly, the under-estiamted the number of desktop stands they would need.

This is strange, as looking around it seems that 90% of people want them on the wall, so the Desktop stands can't be that popular.

Still. You never know, I might get lucky with Empire direct.

I am tempted to make a temporary one out of timber, but there is a danger that I could damage the fittings at the back of the Plasma if I don't get it exactly right.

If anyone hears of companies with stock PLEASE let me know.. My Plasma is going to be available from today and I am going to go mad leaving it in the box for weeks (months).


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If you don't mind a non-panasonic stand then unicol do a desk stand ... try their website ...

also have you tried discount-tv ? (ad at top of page - Ben got stock in on an infrequent basis ... worth a call)

I made some temporary supports for mine out of some 6 x 1.25" floorboard timber (when I was waiting for an elusive stand a few months ago) ... I'll send a section drawing if you want ?



Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
I looked at the Unicol stand, but as far as I can tell, it only comes in Black and I need silver.

Many thanks both, a DIY option is CERTAINLY a possibility.

Jont, if you could send drawings, that would REALLY help.

My email is [email protected].

I am no so worried about the base, the problem I had was with the 'pins'.

As far as I can tell, the base just has 2 vertical pins which slot into holes/tubes on the Plasma.

I am trying to work out what I could use as 'pins' so that they fit perfectly in the hole so that they Plasma is stable, but don't do any damage.

I wouldn't say that I am desperate yet.. If it s couple of weeks, then I can wait.. But i have this feeling that its going to go on and on and on.

I will look at the link that 'steve-j' posted, but any other diagrams you have would be appreicated.

Jon Weaver

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Just looked at the link.. Very good information.

I see that he used 'threaded bar' which was what I thought of using.. However, I was worried that the 'thread' might damage the inside of the tube.

jont, what did you use as your 'pins' and how long were they?

Looks like I might get some use out of my 'Drill Press' at last.. Looking forwards to seeing your diagrams.


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The pins on the stand are smooth and slightly tapered ... I'd be careful of a threaded pin - you don't want to gouge out some swarf and risk it wandering inside ...

I didn't use pins, my supports looked like ... (below) and for safety I had a thin rope/string going from each handle to a point on the wall behind ... just to be on the safe side from falling forward ...


  • plasma-stand-profile.gif
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Jon Weaver

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Ahha.. I see...

I must admit that the though of putting a threaded pin inside doesn't really appeal.. Its quite easy to think that it could do some damage.

Anyway.. I understand that the pins are 20mm.. if so, where the hell do you find that gauge of threaded rod.

Your idea looks much better, but for a temporary solution (i.e a couple of weeks) it doesn't really seem worth the effort.

I am going to see if I can track down some smooth pins.. THen I might have a go.


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As a side issue I remember you asking about the merits of the 4 Series Panasonic (or Toshiba clone) compared to the new 5 series.
Today, I was visited by our Panasonic area TLO and he told me that everyone at Panasonic UK involved with Plasma were astonished that the new 5 series does appear to be as good as the old 4 series because of the cost cutting that has gone on with it in order to reduce its price.
Read in to that what you will, but I think your decision to snap up a 4 series Toshiba may be the right one.

BTW, my friend has a Unicol stand for his Toshiba and I think it looks horribal. (My Toshiba uses a Unicol wall mount which is fine)



What about using something like 3/4" copper pipe or similar.


Jon Weaver

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I thought about using 'tube'. The problem is how do you fix it to the base strong enough to hold the Plasma upright.

Plus. The top edge of the tube is going to harder to 'round off' than a bar.

Norman. I take it you mean "doesn't" rather than "does"..

Don't tell me that now.. I didn't get a series 4.. I got a series 5 instead!!

Saying that, I haven't got it yet.. I can collect it any time from today..

I know that there was a lot of talk about the Series 5 being inferior to the 4, but when you read back, it seems that a lot of it came from people reading too much into the specifications on a product that didn't exist at the time.

From reports I have read from people who have compared the 2, no-one has yet spotted any difference between them.

However, this info is concerning, as I havn't yet seen a Series 5 in the flesh.. I am just buying one on merit!!

Considering that the Series 5 offers several new features, it seems like a bit of a no-brainer.

Atleast I hope so..


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The screen is quite well balanced ... however if you drill out an 20mm hole in the base (and go all the way through) you can then fit some 20mm external diameter copper pipe as uprights ... inside the copper pipe you can then insert some 18mm diameter dowel and make it 'solid' again ...

with regard to the top, I'd cut a split down the side of the tube and wrap it over slightly to make a taper ...

or you could wait a couple of weeks ;-)


here is a home made stand i found on us forums


  • plasma-stand-chester-2.jpg
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Jon Weaver

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Thanks Guys,

I don't think that the pipe option will work, as I would expect that the weight of the plasma on the pipes, would push it through the bottom of the base.

As its going to sit on glass, there is a danger that it might scratch it or worse.

The picture that Jmack enclosed is extactly what I was planning to build, but I have concerns about pushing a 20mm threaded bar into a conical tube (which I gather the 'hole' for the base is on the plasma'

As you say, I could wait a few weeks, but I have the feeling that its going to be much longer than that.

Saying that, If I took some 20mm bar (assuming I can find some) and ground the end down slightly, I can't really see it doing much harm.

Does anyone know if the mounting points on the plasma are actually metal???


jmack: That is impressive, how long did it take you to model the dog it's so lifelike:D



the dog is carved out of red wood took a while.
found this and some other pics of home made stand on the avs forums cant find them now though.
maybe the dog was used as some sort of padding to stop the plasma from hitting the bottom of the stand

personly i dont like animal testing of any sort.

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