Where can I get a stand like this?


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Ok for a long time now I've been trying to get all my kit on a nice new stand under my TV. Unfortunately thanks to a few monster sized units wxhxd, 43x24x55 and a 43x20x55 in cm both around 20-24Kg each I can't find anything.

So I designed roughly what I'm looking for and asked a custom builder for a quote and got a price over £1,000 and I really don't want to spend that much. I would consider building it myself but current health and space won't permit it.

Anyone see anything similar to what I'm after, 3 bays wide, adjustable shelves, similar approximate dimensions.

Or know somewhere that can build what I want as a flatpack for a reasonable price?

Not that worried about materials, simple mdf would do provided it can take the weight (TV to go on top 55Kg) and is painted black.


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Hi there
Where abouts are you located?
I dont see anywhere near £1000 in that! In the past when I have needed anything similar I have used my local kitchen/bedroom manufacturing workshop (not the display shop with the sharp suited salesman) with good results and not silly prices.
Good luck


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I have been in the same boat for ages. However I have just paid £242 for this. 3 components wide fits centre speaker and 5 full size hifi components.




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Having said that I go this from the Westgates store which I think is nationwide. They are brand new and only just been released. I paid £242 with a 10% discount from £169.99 as we took out a loyalty card.


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I'm in South West London.

That's close to what I want though I would prefer without doors, and given the two 55cm deep units, more like 58 with connectors, I need either open back or a near 60cm usuable shelf depth, 45cm might do for the actual unit feet. Preferbaly matt or gloss black.

John Lewis actually sells something close as well Buy John Lewis Stowaway Finished Long TV Unit online at JohnLewis.com but it's not quite big enough and won't take the weights I want.

I live in a second floor flat so something that comes flatpack would be easier than assembled but not vital. I possibly should have said the £1,000 quote I got included having it finished gloss black and delivered as a flat pack for self assembly.
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Like it but no go on the sizes again, like so many cabinets it's closed back to keep things tidy but only 42cm deep and I have two 55cm deep units (this always seems to be where things go wrong, there are a bunch of things in the BDI range that are so close but not deep enough), also the side are only 42cm and my units are 43cm. Quite like the design, though I don't need doors, similar to some of the Triskom units but cheaper I think.


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Thanks all some several things close but still too shallow for my units.

Having asked for another quote or two it seems its 'gloss black' that pumps up the price for a custom job, though just a smooth black finish would do.

The chunky Monkey stuff looks good, if I can get it painted black then that may be the way to go, though I don't fancy getting it up the stairs to my flat assembled. Something flatpack would be much easier and safer to avoid bashing it getting it in.

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