Where can I get a sample DVD-R (+ or -)??


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Hi there, I'm looking to buy a recordable DVD player and already own a Panasonic PV-55 player. I am told that this player does not accept DVD-R's or RW's, only DVD's, Audio CD's and VideoCD's. However I have seen numerous posts about players accepting discs they're not meant to officially - I would like to use my existing player as a bedroom player so would like it to be compatible with anything I archive off my Sky+ onto DVD-R - So, is there anywhere I can get a sample DVD-R to try out. I don't know ANYBODY with a recordable DVD player to try one from them - anyone got any ideas on how to test?



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I've been asking this myself. You would think magazines would have them. I have an older Panny (A310), It'll play DVD-Rs, CD-RWs but not CD-Rs. Panasonic were looking at DVD-R for a long time so I think you'll be ok. I believe they are ok with DVD+R but have not tried. I have only tried PC recorded discs though.

This is the most help I can offer.


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Don't know if this helps but I tried out a sample kit from here when I was trying to find a brand that my player would play:


They do both -R and +R media trial packs so you can experiment with different brands before commiting to a pack of ten or some such.

Hope this helps



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Thanks for the suggestions although I may not have made myself clear (although Figrin_dan, I think you know what I'm getting at:D )

I don't need to know what brand of media works, I need to know whether any recordable DVD works - i.e. the format, not the media itself. Cheers anyway. Gotta keep looking....


Surely that is the point people are trying to make to you, buy a sample pack, record something on to it and try it out. Or are you looking for a freebie?


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err, no! As you can see from my first post - I do not own a recordable DVD player and I do not know anyone with one so how can I tell if my existing player actually plays any format recordable DVD. At this stage, it doesn't really matter what brand of media is used, just whether the recording format (+/- R, +/-RW or RAM) works on my DVD player.

The sample packs mentioned are selections of blank discs from different manufacturers for you to try recording on with your own machine - it doesn't help if you haven't even got a recordable machine!

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