where can I get a replacement box for my westwing DVDs?


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The first and second season I have of the west wing on region 2 DVD have completey different boxes than the rest of the season boxsets. Does anyone know where I can get the newer season 1 and 2 boxes with out the dvds or have a number or email for anyone that might know?
From season 3 they all match, but season 1 and 2 are completey different. I know it sounds a bit analy retentive, but , well, thats just the way I am :eek: :D
Thanks for any help.


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Thank christ I'm not the only one :rotfl: Have exactly the same problem & the same thoughts going thru' my head. Had considered looking to see if the first 2 seasons may have been repackaged now to match the later releases. Wouldn't know how to justify (to the other half) the expense of purchase tho' :suicide:

Sorry I can't help, but can assure you it is not being anal - although my OH will disagree :rotfl: :thumbsup:


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Hi Dave

Have just got back from a long weekend away. Not sure if this is good or bad news. Great if you can swap them out - but more likely I will end up having to resist the temptation to buy the repackaged versions :rolleyes: :suicide:

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