where can i get a pioneer dv868 from?



i'm awaiting delivery of a pioneer 434 plasma and want the dv868 to go with it! where can i get one from?
i.e. somewhere who actually has one in stock?? they are like rocking horse poo everywhere i ring! superfi etc etc etc
i'm also after the floating stand for the plasma (pdk-fs02)

if you order it with the 434 you then get priority. Might be worth getting in touch with your supplier - if he orders them together it's unlikely not to arrive, at least that's what they told me and it came through fine a couple of weeks ago.
Just phoned Krish AV and are now out of stock!

Any others out there with stock?

it's strange cause pioneer had them in stock the other day so if you go to a pioneer dealer they should be able to order you one!
The floating stand i sthe same issue and retails @ £750
Kev - the thread is over three months old - im sure he sorted it by now. :)
also having a product advertised on their website doesn't mean they have stock just that they are willing to take orders!

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