Where can I get a long power lead?



Newbie Question: where can I get a power lead (13A mains to cloverleaf) which is longer than 2 meters? 5 meters would be plenty. Alternatively, where can I get a rewireable iec c5 (ie cloverleaf/mickey mouse) female connector?

(I've just spent an evening googling fruitlessly and searching RS, Maplin, CPC, etc. Now I have to join a club for people whose hobby seems to be making cables. That it should come to this! Oddly enough you seem mostly harmless, and I *was* going to spend the evening soldering terminals onto my speaker cables, so I feel quite at home. :)

Thanks - !

Stuart Wright

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I've split your post out into a new thread as it's
a) rude to hijack other peoples' threads and
b) going to get a better response.


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I spent ages scouring obscure web sites for one of these and gave up. Bought a new lead cut the end off and used a terminal block to join it to a longer lead not the best solution maybe but it works


Aha! I never thought of an adapter. Found one (C14 to C5) in the new products section of http://www.mcc-cables.com/home.html. Have asked MCC for a price. And rewireable C14s are easy enough to find, in fact I've probably got one kicking around.

Many thanks for your advice!

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