Where can I get a 5.1 audio switch box?



Bit of a problem..

I've a standalone SACD player, a Denon 2900 dvd player, and a Denon A11-SR amp.

Originally my plan was to use the 2900 for everything - SACD, DVD-A, DVD, etc.. unfortunatly I've decided I like the sound better from my standalone player for SACDs.

But the A11-SR only has one set of 5.1 inputs, and to use both the SACD and the 2900 I'm going to need two sets, or a switch box that'll let me feed two sets into one input.

So far I've only been able to find two channel switch boxes, and I'd like to avoid getting three of those if possible.. so was hoping folk on here might be able to point me in the direction of someone who sells a 6-channel audio switch :)

Any suggestions welcome!


PC Nut

Active Member
Try using phono splitters/combiners

Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
Zektor do the only box I know, but not cheap, seems good quality though, MAS3 I think the model is

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