where can i find IRman drivers?


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I have managed to lose the disc i got with IRman. I now am trying to use it on a different pc and can get girder to recognise IRman. I assume what im missing is the drivers to make IRman go, but i cant find them on evation website nor anywhere else i have looked, so does anyone have any ideas?



It doesn't need drivers.

I rec'd mine directly from NL, no CD etc..

Runs fine with Girder without installing any drivers.

It must be the way you've set it up.

Check it's on the correct com port (probably the most common reason for set up probs).


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Thanks guys...... i finally worked it out! im not entirely sure how i did it to be honest. I had played about with seetings and com ports and speeds and just about everything and it wouldnt work. I fiddled with the tabs on the irman settings in girder and it eventually spotted it!

Only thing is.......what can i really do with it for now? Until I get the immersive software for their new card and see how it all works......i cant think of anything! I got it......descaler!


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