Where can I buy "THE GREAT RACE" dvd?




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Garrett said:
ohh nice

1 problem, I am not sure if my dad's dvd player is multi region

was this dvd ever released on region 2?

edit: actually it should, because its fairly new, and plays mp3 vcd\svcd (even though its a cheap dvd player)

I will order it and see, if not, I will buy him a new dvd player :D


I dont think its out on R2 do you have any R1 disc you could try on your dads machine?

I thought Wacky Races was based on this film and Dick Dastardly was a take of of Professor Fate.
And was Peter Perfect and Penelope Pitstop a take off of Tony Cutis and Natalie Wood?


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looks like r1 is r0 from this buyer.

What needs to be said about this film? It is a classic. Jack Lemmon and Peter Falk make superb comic villians and must have given rise to the idea of Dastardly and Muttley. The custard pie fight is the biggest you're ever likely to see. In all, an excellent fun filled family film that can be watched time and again. Now the interesting stuff .....
I bought a Region 1 DVD copy from bestpricecds via Amazon. Yes it is NTSC but it plays quite happily on both my Region-Free DVD player and my Region 2 player. Ummmm! Maybe this is a Region 0 DVD as other Region 1 DVDs will not play on my Region 2 player!



The link you have there is to the video version although there is a link on the page to a R1 DVD.


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My Fav film when I was a kid :smashin:
Blake Edwards made this after making the 1st 2 inspector Cleuseau films & IMO is better than both :D


I bought my copy on ebay.com almost 3 years ago and it still is not on R2 or R4. The R1 transfer is among the best of any of the movies of that vintage that I have seen.

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