where can i buy speaker cable from ? - ht - ss 1000


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i want to extend the speaker cable for the front right speaker, its a sony home theatre system - HT -SS -1000 , i want it to be done well as the wire is going to be buried in the wall so i need a good join, where can i get cable to make this extension.


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If I remember correctly, the Sony HT systems use a proprietry connector at the amp/processor end of the speaker wire.

You have a few options to extend the speaker wire - all of which probably involve extending off the existing one.

* You can either solder the new wire onto the old one if you have some experience in soldering (Probably the best option)

* You can use 'chock' blocks (Screw type connectors usually used for joining mains wiring - however this may not be very reliable if you are burying them in the wall)

* You can use 'Scotch' connectors (Usually used for car electronics - Maplin stock them). They just snap onto both wires individually and make quite a secure connection

* Of course, you could always twist the wires together and insulate them with electrical tape!

How long are you thinking of extending one speaker wire as it could cause a time delay problem with the sound?


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Hi - thanx for replying

i need to extend it by about 6 foot, you say maplins sell the speaker wire[sony shop said best to get it from them] seems they should be able to advise me then on what you are saying, will there be a time delay in sound if i do extend it to that far, 6 foot ? also the way i was going to set it up the speakers was put one speaker on the wall in each corner of the room, is that ok ? or do i need the two front speakers either side of the tv.

would appreciate any advice ,

many thanx


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An extension of the speaker cable by 6 feet on one side shouldn't cause any noticeable sound delay issues.

What type of cable does the system come with - Is it gold/silver in colour i.e oxygen free or is it just plain grey / black & white?

There is no point in choosing a cable from Maplin that overates your existing cable as it will make no difference in sound quality.

You may want to consider the 'Scotch' connectors option to join the extra cable if it isn't too thick.

I'm not sure on your speaker positioning in the corners - Perhaps somebody else may be able to advise you better on this?

I do know that it is better not to have them too close to the walls however, this may not be a problem if you are using small speakers.


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No No No ...... dreadful things :(

Solder if you can, otherwise a good crimped connection or a 'choc block' if you haven't got the tools for the first two :)

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